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SpeedNavi is a feature-rich GPS navigation software from Hyundai MnSoft Inc., the leading map and navigation software company in South Korea. Hyundai MnSoft, which is part of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, has a variety of GPS navigation software such as "SpeedNavi", "Mappy" and "GiNi" catering for different market segments, as well as geographical information portal service "Whereis".

Powered by MapIT MSC's industry leading maps of Malaysia and Singapore, SpeedNavi is now available on a wide range of navigation hardware in Malaysia, including navigation hardware factory-fitted on cars, after-market in-dash navigation systems, gogopal GPS navigators, smartphones and many more. Standard features on SpeedNavi include realistic 3D Illustration for road junctions, 3D buildings, and 3D road view. In addition, you'll find the following exciting features that are only provided by SpeedNavi GPS navigation software.

3D buildings

Discover cities full of 3D buildings with SpeedNavi. 3D buildings not only make navigation easier, but are also easy on the eyes.





Junction Zoom

Every junction features a top-down view on approach, allowing a clear view of the path ahead to help drivers make the correct turn.





3D Photo Navigation

Selected junctions feature a professionally made 3D Photo Navigation to help you make the right turn. These Photos are rendered from full 3D-models for maximum quality and clarity.




House Numbers

A special feature of SpeedNavi is house numbers that help you navigate to the exact house on the road. House numbers are available throughout Malaysia and Singapore.




Lane Information

Another unique feature of SpeedNavi is the provision of lane information to guide drivers onto the correct lanes for the next turn or manoeuvre. Simply follow the yellow arrows to make the appropriate turn.




Singapore Postcodes

All buildings in Singapore have a unique postcode and SpeedNavi allows you to use these postcodes to navigate you right to the doorstep of each building. Simply type in the postcodes and SpeedNavi will bring you there.




Multiple Languages

SpeedNavi comes with 9 language voice guidance system that provides English, Chinese, Malay, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese navigation instructions. The user interface can also be changed to 11 languages including Chinese, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish and French to suit your needs.






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